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Portrait Services for the Individual


EPS Premium Portrait.....

Our clients typically say, "This is the first professional photo of myself that I truly like." So here's the thing... when we like – or love our photo – we post it more often, in more places. This generates more connections, more opportunities, and more business. Your photo has become a powerful marketing tool because that first impression you make is now one that you're proud of. You'll have new confidence in your voice and new in your smile when you finally meet face to face, whether on-screen or LIVE.

We photograph you – and you review images from the set as we go – until you say "Wow we have a few good possibilities." This usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes. We then sit in front of the computer screen to select your favorite image.

We'll discretely soften or minimize under eye lines, reduce or eliminate a double chin, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, fix those fly away hairs, trim your beard (guys) and smooth your skin texture. We will finesse your favorite photo for 30 to 90 minutes and all the while... keep you looking like YOU!

If your in a time crunch, we can schedule a remote screen share to complete the retouching process at your convenience!

Your new undetectably retouched professional photo will be emailed to you before you leave the studio! Your new "internet ready" photo is perfect for your website, LinkedIn Profile Page, Podcast Marketing Materials, Facebook and all other online marketing needs.

FINALLY you have a photo that you're proud to show to the world! When you actually Like or LOVE your photo you'll post it with confidence more often. More exposure, more connections, more business!

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We look forward to helping you get the success you deserve!

EPS Premium Portrait Plus.....

Includes EVERYTHING as described above PLUS: Enhanced and more detailed retouching. We can add several individual eyelashes, straighten a tooth, remove tired eye lines, smooth (or hide) skin pores, increase or decrease your smile, open an eyelid, balance eyebrows, and much more!

Q: Why so detailed? A: This package includes high resolution – "in gamut" – photo files that are used for print (magazine, brochure, book cover, poster, billboard) as well as a low-resolution file used for all screen needs (your website, LinkedIn Facebook, etc).

EVERYTHING shows, that's why the photo retouching is done on a highly detailed level. We finesse and fix EVERYTHING. From Facebook to billboard... you'll look fantastic!

You'll leave the studio with a Flash-drive containing full instructions on which files to use for which important applications.

Finally, a photo that you're proud to show to the world! You'll be ready for ALL marketing & publicity opportunities from pixel to print. We make it easy - we make it fast - we make it fun!

Executive Portrait Specialists Author–Speaker Package .....

As a Professional Speaker, Presenter, Coach, Author... this specialty package is exactly what you need!

It includes EVERYTHING as described above PLUS several additional photos, that will also be fully retouched.

Some of our clients select alternate head-shots (one more serious, one more upbeat) while others opt to capture full-length body shots, on location or holding a copy of their book, another prop, or background elements to enhance their branding.

These additional photos are typically used for a book jacket, vertical column of a website, a life-size banner, magazine cover or billboard. We'll discuss photo concepts well before your shoot date to ensure we have the right wardrobe and props to represent your platform, message, and personal brand.

As with the "Executive Portraits Specialists Premium Portrait Plus" service directly above, you'll leave the studio with a Flash-drive containing full instructions of which files to use for which important applications. You'll be ready for ALL marketing & publicity opportunities pixel to print. We make it easy - we make it fast - we make it fun!

Executive Portrait Speciaists VIDEO Portrait .....

Wow! The Professional Portrait that can talk! We've combined two powerful digital marketing tools into one amazing package to increase your success. A Professional Portrait WITH a Powerful Marketing Video.

Now you're guaranteed to LOOK and SOUND your very best to attract more business much faster.

When you look and sound confident and sound confident you'll make a strong first and lasting impression. You'll begin building that "hire me, or buy from me" trust factor BEFORE you even meet your next ideal client!

You get a professional photograph that you're GUARANTEED to Like or Love linked to a short, Powerful Introduction Video that will engage and qualify prospects for you... 24/7. Your fully retouched photo is ready to cover any promotional need from pixel to print. We'll help you load your video to your YouTube Channel, Vimeo or other private video hosting service. You even get a custom thumbnail photo with play button to launch your video from a variety of platforms. We make it easy - we make it fast - we make you look and sound great!

"I got the retouching AT THE SAME TIME as the photo session!" That's one of several benefits client, Vivian Villers likes best. Click this blue text now and Vivian will tell you all about her experience.

According to Brian King, "A smartphone is really good for capturing the moment. Your know how is all about capturing the person and that’s what I really needed. – You are so able… to bring out the nuances that present me in the best possible way…". Click this blue text to see Brian’s short video.

Three decades of experience capturing and retouching professional portraits means a Professional Business Portrait that you will be proud to share… with the world! Hence, our unprecedented "Like it or Love it Guarantee."

"Great Experience and a Great Value"

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