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How To Dress for a Great Business Portrait!

This is not about having your picture taken. It’s about advancing your career. Yet the wardrobe you select is a very important part of the process. Your outfit for a professional portrait is meant to accessorize you... not the other way around. A great business portrait is one that makes a strong first impression, frames you as a professional and makes you feel good about your personal brand. With that mindset, you will make more connections and close more sales... faster.

At EPS we’re in the business of making you look your very best! You’ll soon be anxious to deploy your new EPS professional portrait to prospects, clients and colleagues online and off. This is a very powerful personal brand, marketing tool. It is also (in my opinion) a marketing basic.

Okay... let’s get to it!
In your business portrait, YOU are the star of the picture not your clothing. Your clothing is the backdrop or costume for your story. Although your “attire” is secondary, it does play a crucial role in supporting the “image” you wish to convey. It must enhance your image without distracting from it.

Costume and Context... Perception is Reality
If your role is that of the company CEO or top management, people may expect to see you in a pressed suit and button down shirt. Even if your office has a laid back dress code... the public “perception” (and expectation) may be that button down image. We might produce two portraits for your situation: a formal version for media release and another more casual portrait for your internal company communications.

Carefully select the costume for your business portrait according to the context in which it will be used. For example, if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the initial image that comes to mind may be the “serious button down” three piece suit look. But, if your Fortune 500 company makes products for the motorcycle industry, you may get twenty times the response dressed in a padded racing suit, leaning on a motorcycle with a helmet under one arm! We must create the professional image that’s right for you.

The Right Color and Shade Will make You Shine!
After you’ve established the “correct” image, the next consideration is selecting the color and shade of fabrics that will enhance your unique features. We want the star of the picture to shine! Relax, it’s much easier than you may think. Here are some basic guidlines:
If you have any questions before your scheduled portrait day, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer them for you. So bring your smile and the wardrobe that’s right for you we’ll handle the rest to make you look your best, I GUARANTEE it. See you soon!

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